Sample Schedule

A view to die for. It’s Sunday

Arrival – Check in at Casa Novem in San Miguel

5:30 pm Drinks and “Let’s Meet” by the pool

Dinner at The Resturant

To Market We Go! It’s Monday!

10:30 am Depart for Market Tour and Cooking Class w/ Paco

Tour and Class (11am to 5pm)

7:30 pm Dinner

Old and New! It’s Tuesday!

9:00 am Depart for Ruins Tour (9-1)

3:30 pm Depart for Mexican Fusion Class w/Kris

Hot Tamale! It’s Wednesday!

9:30 am Depart for Cooking Class & lunch w/ Marilau

5:30 pm Drinks at the pool

7:30 pm Dinner at Aperti

Let’s Eat and Dance! It’s Thursday

11:30 am Depart for Food Tour (12 -4)

7:30 pm Fiesta

Art on Display! It’s Friday!

11:30 am Depart for Lunch

1:30 – 5:00 pm Tour

7:30 pm Farewell Dinner at 13 Cielos

Adios! It’s Saturday

Leisure departure in the morning.

"Adiós y los recorridos seguros." Goodbye and safe travels.